Turkish Justice Minister Gul: Judicial reform will be a road map

Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul said ‘Judicial Reform Strategy Document’ will be the ‘basic agenda and road map’ of the new judicial year. The Judicial Reform Strategy document is expected to be the first item on the agenda when Parliament opens in October.

’The Judicial Reform Strategy document is the main agenda and road map for the new judicial year, ‘ Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gul said in a statement.

Minister Gül, will start tomorrow 2019-2020 judicial year therefore published in his message, made the following statement:

“The new judicial year will be a period of deepening the principle of the rule of law, which is the guarantee of fundamental rights and freedoms, with a reformist and determined approach for our justice organization. At this point, the’ Judicial Reform Strategy document ‘ is the main agenda and road map for the new judicial year. We have clearly demonstrated our will to strengthen our democracy and to develop and expand our freedoms with the strategy document, which has human dignity, human rights and freedoms at its core. With the active participation of all relevant institutions, we will implement the objectives and activities that we have committed to our nation one by one on a democratic and pluralistic basis in line with the basic objectives set out in this document, which we have prepared with the principle of’ confident and accessible justice’.

The resolute implementation of this reform document will contribute to the solution of the current problems, as well as strengthen the future position and standards of our judicial functioning and legal system. No matter what reform, no matter what regulation we make, it is undoubtedly the practices that will raise the bar in the Justice Services, the decisions that come out of the courts.”

Pointing out that everyone has the right to a fair trial, Gül stated that it is the basic task of the justice organization to maintain and strengthen citizens ‘ belief that the courts operate with Justice on the basis of independence and impartiality.

“The door of the courthouse is the door to justice. Everyone must leave this door gladly. A society whose expectation of Justice has been met and whose need for justice has been satisfied will also be the assurance and custodian of the rule of law.”he made his assessment.


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