Turkish Cypriot business person detained on virtual betting charges

Bulut Akacan, a prominent business person from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), has been detained on virtual bet charges.

Bulut Akacan, a prominent Turkish Cypriot businessman and Chairman of Akacan Holding, was detained earlier in the evening on charges of virtual bet. In addition to Akacan, many people were detained during the operation carried out in Kyrenia by the Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus’s Financial Crime Division.

11 people were detained in the operation

“Bulut Akacan (36) was arrested in connection with the incident today after 10 people were arrested as part of an illegal betting operation in Kyrenia, ” police said in a statement. An investigation into the incident is ongoing. Bulut Akacan, who was arrested as a result of illegal betting operation, will be brought to Kyrenia accident Court at 10: 00 tomorrow.”


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