teknopark ankara
teknopark ankara

Teknopark Ankara Chairman Gültekin, as a result of successful technopark companies projects to date 5 million dollars in exports realized by stating, “in 2023, we aim to reach this figure of 50 million dollars.” quoth.

Chairman Gultekin Hasan Ankara Technopark, Technopark companies as a result of successful projects to date of $ 5 million on exports, they stated, “the 100th year of the Republic in 2023 this figure $ 50 million, we aim to deliver.” quoth.

Ivedik Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) President Gültekin, AA correspondent, Teknopark Ankara’s activities were evaluated.

Teknopark Ankara, 2014 in the technology development zone (TGB) was declared reminding Gültekin, 95 percent Ivedik OSB board of Directors and 5 percent Yildirim Beyazit University Partnership established on 75 thousand square meters of area Technopark ‘ s operation in 2017, he said.

Gültekin, Teknopark Ankara, established into the industry as the first applied TGB was separated from other technoparks and housed within the companies took a step forward, he said.

For a quarter century industry experience and knowledge, with established infrastructure and physical facilities in accordance with the requirements of the age Technopark of Ankara, emphasizing that it is equipped with Gultekin, workshops, joint production, technology transfer office, industrial design, prototyping and incubation centers, meetings, conferences, a VIP room and an amphitheatre that can host events with thousands of people stated.

“150 companies run 340 projects”

Gültekin, Teknopark Ankara to host young entrepreneurs and to accelerate their growth “pomegranate Incubation Center” was established, he said.

Gultekin said that companies have carried out new generation technology projects such as Industry 4.0, mobile applications, renewable energy, food, battery technology, unmanned systems, virtual reality, cyber security, medical and defense industries thanks to the 3-dimensional scanner and printer, 3-axis CNCS, CNC router, laser cutter, chip manufacturing stations.

Gültekin, Teknopark Ankara said that 150 companies carried out 340 projects, 48.72 percent of projects in defense and aviation, 14.72 percent of medical, 12.21 percent of machinery and equipment, 12.18 percent of software, 4.54 percent of electronics and 7.63 percent of other sectors said.

Technopark Ankara companies as a result of successful projects to date 5 million dollars in exports realized stressed Gültekin, said::

“In 2023, which is the 100th year of the Republic, we aim to reach this figure to 50 million dollars. As Teknopark Ankara, we aim to contribute to Turkey’s share in this market by making infrastructure investments in the Unmanned Systems sector, whose global Sunday volume is increasing rapidly. By supporting high-tech manufacturers, we wish to increase the average amount per kilo in exports. We want to accelerate their growth by mentoring and training incubators to achieve our goal of launching’ Unicorn firma (new venture company)’. As hands-on TGB, we are trying to build the infrastructure needed to increase the ‘prototyping rate’ of firms.” 


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