Former Turkish PM: State in control over terrorist activities
Former Turkish PM: State in control over terrorist activities

Former parliament speaker and AKP Izmir MP Binali Yildirim, judicial events and terrorist incidents are under the control of the state said, “very good, successful operations are being done. I hope that from now on we have to make the region continue to develop with the skill of these attraction programs,”.

On the occasion of the 948th anniversary of the Malazgirt Victory, Binali Yildirim came to Ahlat district with President and AKP leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and passed to Bitlis. Mayor Nesrullah Taglay and staff welcomed Yildirim, who first visited the municipality of Bitlis. Yildirim received a briefing from President Taglay about the city and then passed to Bitlis Governorate. Here he was met by the governor of Bitlis, Oktay, and his deputy governors, Yıldırım passed to the governor’s office along with those with him. Governor Çağatay gave information to Yıldırım about the provinces and districts, while Yıldırım was also closely interested in the young children present in the room.

Explaining his visit to reporters, Yildirim said that Bitlis is as different as it was 17 years ago as it is now. Yildirim stated his surprise as he visited Bitlis after Tatvan. In the last 17 years, Bitlis has developed very seriously in terms of infrastructure, roads, health facilities, and educational facilities. The face of Bitlis changed when the roads to Tatvan, Van, Muş and Baykan-Siirt Road were largely completed with the University. But most importantly, this ring road in Bitlis solved a very big problem in Bitlis. Bitlis ‘ inner city is famous for its snow. It’s snowing two-man lengths. When two vehicles faced each other, the city was paralyzed. I never had a chance to see the tunnel before on the way here, so we looked at it together. That was an awfully nice thing. Of course, these things are done, but not enough. Mr. President has presented it to our deputies. We have made this a 6th zone. For this reason, areas such as textiles slip to these sides, whether or not. In this context, there are factories willing to contribute to textile employment. Hopefully it can be much nicer if a step is taken in this direction. Of course, according to the former, The problem of Public Order is less than nothing. There’s nothing in the sleazy stuff anyway. The state is in control of terrorism. Very nice good work is being done. I hope that from now on, this attraction programs will continue to develop in the name of the region with the ingenuity need to make,” he said.

Yildirim went to the police House for dinner and rest after a visit to the governor’s office. Yildirim will meet with opinion leaders for breakfast at 09: 00 in the morning.


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