“We have no intention of giving up NATO membership or our allies”

  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made an assessment of the planned safe zone in Syria. “We see that the scissors expressed by the United States are very clear, “Erdogan said, adding that” if our troops do not control the region within a few weeks, we will put our own action plan into action.” We will not settle for a solution outside the control of our military in the safe zone, Erdogan said, calling the UN summit to be held in three weeks “last opportunity.” 

 “We have no intention of renouncing NATO membership or our allies,” Erdogan said of relations with NATO, adding: “the F-35s we pay for are not being delivered to us. Turkey 3. if those who are confused with the countries of the world’s son of Shamar did not understand it is our debt to show them this from now on,” he said. 

“The NATO defence concept has made a significant contribution to us, “he said in a speech at the war schools Diploma and Ensign handover ceremony.

Highlights from Erdogan’s statements include::

“In the Republic period, the TSK was equipped with the most modern defense tactics and tools in the world and became a guarantee of our country’s independence. 

Even though the coup was interrupted during the junta and tutelage periods, the TSK will be the guarantee of our country. Today, the TSK, which we freed from the clutches of Fatah, continues its mission more forcefully and effectively than ever before. It is inevitable that we will reconsider our defence strategies at a time when all areas of the world are virtually restructured. Although NATO has failed recently, it is still the most important ally for us. We see solidarity with our allies as important. There is no question of abandoning NATO membership or our allies. On the contrary, we want a stronger place.  

At a time when terrorists are threatening our country, we have no sincere support from anyone. With our own power, we have eliminated both ISIS and the separatist terrorist organization. 

“We do not consent to a solution other than the control of our own military in the safe zone”

The problem in the region is not ISIS, but a war of interest sharing by a number of powers. We cannot allow our brothers in the region to be transformed into the material of this ugly game.  In the east of the Euphrates, the persecution of the terrorist group on the people of the region has become undeniable. As Turkey, we expressed our desire to create a safe zone. Although everyone saw this offer positively, no one implemented it at the time. Now we’re talking about it again. What we are saying is that the scissors that the United States is expressing are very clear. There are positive developments, though, such as the establishment of a joint operations center. But we cannot consent to a solution except that our own troops directly control it. 

We are not just going to make this place a safe zone, we are aiming to bring our Syrian citizens back to their country with the residential areas we are going to build here. 

“If our troops do not control the area in a few weeks, we will put our own action plan into effect.”

The contacts we will have in the United States in 3 weeks are the last opportunity. If satisfactory steps are not taken there is no choice but to mind our own business, to cut our own navel.  If our troops don’t control the area in a few weeks, we’ll put our own plan of action into action.  

Now the F-35 project is on the agenda. The planes we pay for are not being delivered to us. We’ll do whatever we need.  They were disturbed by our visit to Russia. We will investigate, we will investigate everything related to the defense industry. By carrying out all these studies, we will hopefully make tomorrow’s Turkey stronger. Turkey 3. if the world’s whipping boys don’t understand, it’s up to us to show them. 

The Turkish nation considers freedom to be the greatest rank in the Shahadah when it comes to its future. 



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