Davutoğlu Challenges Erdogan

The former prime minister and AK Party Chairman Ahmet Davutoglu, who is said to be preparing to form a new party, spoke at the Sakarya Dostlar Platform.

The highlights of Davutoglu‘s speech are as follows:

“We said in our manifesto, ‘if politics is to be done, they must have values’. We said to avoid hypocrisy, everyone in freedom of thought can express their opinions openly. We told no one to set up a conspiracy with FETÖ tactics. We said relatives should not be favored. We said not to accumulate property in the hands of a group. That was the judgment of the Holy Book that we believed in.

We said there were mistakes in political institutionalization, and we said efficiency and merit were thrown back. We said polarization increased. We said you can’t make people forget the crisis by saying there is no crisis.”


“They didn’t tell us that wasn’t happening. They called us traitors, they described us as betrayers. I’m not the only one who has come to the office with the countenance of this country. No one can call the prime minister a traitor. There will be no treacherous prime minister from now on.

Then you need to ask. What is this polarizing language? How can those outside of this movement feel peaceful if even us running for this movement are called traitors? Now I ask: tell me when we’ve betrayed you, we’re defiant.

When troll gangs took action, we became traitors when we left the Prime Minister’s office without looking back so that this country would not be plunged into crisis.”


“They said You are dividing the Ummah. I am against the corruption of religious concepts. We need to stop this. If the ummah is a universal faith community, all of our 81 million brothers living in Turkey are part of the Ummah. No one can monopolize the Ummah. What is meant by the ummah is that we are not from that community if they sit in the mansions and try to design Turkey like those who designed Turkey.

In the difficult days of the Ummah, when we passed through the circle of fire, all kinds of insults to this movement, and now Iqbal days, we are not from that community more than we are trying to take ownership of that movement.”


“No one can accuse us of supporting terrorism. If an election is held in a country, you will respect it if there is no result from the ballot box. Respect is the respect shown to those who vote, not the elected mayor. If these candidates had a relationship with terrorism, the YSK should have eliminated them. If they had committed a crime after 31 March, what had to be done was to take them to court and then dismiss them. Because even now, they don’t seem to have a case. It may be, they should be punished immediately as soon as they are found to have committed such a crime.

Now it’s our turn to ask. Those who criticise us today on counterterrorism can’t go out in person if old books are opened.

It was the events of 6-8 October, a month after he took the post of prime minister. I had the opportunity to see how Turkey’s public order was destroyed in these events. The president had two relics when he entrusted us with the mission. You will continue the process of resolution, you will fight the Fatah, he said.

On 7 June, unfortunately, when there was no chance of being in power alone, Turkey, the party behind them and the focus of terrorism, fell into weakness, and the ship took little. 7 June November-1 want to delete, forget that all the struggle started with our instructions. Charges are coming from the MHP. He also said no to the 4 Government proposals we took away on August 17 while we were fighting, and they left us alone in our fight against terrorism.”


“I would have expected everything, but I wouldn’t have expected the childhood of thinking they could make people forget by erasing the memory of history. This is the greatest injustice against all our friends who have served. If a movement began to reject its own history, it began to self-liquidate. You like it or not, but you can’t change the date. They say,”Mr. Prime Minister, if you go on a TV.” Not even the pronunciation of my name to go on television is banned for 3 years. 18. our absence in the Year Video upset some of our friends but it didn’t upset me, nor did it surprise me.

We’re not afraid to pay the price. Make us pay the price, but don’t make the nation pay the price by bringing people without merit to the head of the economy.

We are coming to blow a new wind of hope, to build a new future. We are coming to disperse the clouds of pessimism that have collapsed upon this nation. We’re coming with a very strong team. This path is not the path of resentment as anyone thinks it is the way of those who do not resent anyone. This is not the way of those who add wealth to their wealth when they are in politics, but the way of those who spend the last penny in their pocket on a politics.”


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