Babacan clarifies his party's founding date

Ali Babacan, the former deputy prime minister, has made his party’s founding date very clear, and recently, for the first time, he is preparing to go public and explain his party’s goals and basic principles.

Ali Babacan, who resigned from the AK Party despite President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call to “do what you do here,” and his team, many of whom have held important positions within the AK Party in the past, are also being carefully monitored by Erdogan in their attempts to form a new party.

A politician who was involved in the formation of a new party with Babacan told the BBC Turkish’s Ayşe Sayın about the stage of the formation of a new party.

The politician, who has also held important posts within the AK Party in the past, said he was now in the process of creating a ‘human resource’. According to his information, not only former AK Party members, but also from different sectors, are conducting interviews with experts in their fields.

The next stage is aimed at ‘establishing policy sets’ and Babacan plans to create Party policies with the contribution of the widest possible segment.

The team that will take part in the party will be given a “founding power” position to strengthen the feeling of belonging. Policy-making is important in terms of people’s sense of belonging,” he says.


Although a clear date is not set for the establishment of the party, it is scheduled to submit the party establishment papers to the ministry of the interior by the end of November. 

It has now been decided that the party’s establishment’ should not be rushed ‘ as there is no immediate prospect of an early election


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